The Whistle

What cost must love cast upon us? What changes must love force upon us? So sweet and timid at first, gently wrapping shoulders in the warmest blanket on the coldest night. One day, one singular moment, it changes and the blanket ignites filling intestines with an unquenchable flame thirsty for the one they love. The mind barred and suffocated under this blanket of love, its words of wisdom muted beneath feelings of compassion. Never once does the heart stop and ask what consequences there might be. Never once does the heart stop and ask, “how much for this one?”. And certainly, the heart never says “Oh no, that’s just too much” because the heart has unending funds, eternal pockets as Mary Poppins’ purse. The cycle of love works in one large circle and it all comes back around before we ever hear the sound of that damned train barreling down the tracks towards us until it’s too late and we’re back on our ass, breathless, and sore wondering what happened this time. And never once did our heart shout out, “Watch out for that train”. No, never once did our heart rip off that blanket of attraction to let our mind scream its worries and fears so we could be wary. Standing up, dusting off the blood and dirt, wiping the sweat from your brow, you gather your few belongings left intact and carry on down that track of life deaf to the sound of a train whistle in the distance. Never knowing what direction it will come from next. Never knowing what new pair of gem-like eyes will disguise it next. Constantly walking down that track of life and on real cold nights, sleeping with a blanket draped over sore and tired shoulders, a welcome relief for the weary traveler. Such a deception for the weak. Such a comfort for all.

Until the whistle blows.


Take My Time

Hands grazing across light skin, gathering bits of you between their pointed teeth, slowly chewing their way through you, gnawing straight towards the core of you. Memorizing every feature, carefully removing blackened clumps of bad memories from your skin, making their own game of operation atop your bed. With your past lovers removed by these two hands, these hopeful eyes view the hole they wish to fall in.

Please allow me to fall into you.

Eyes gazing towards all of you, viewing each piece of you whether thought significant or not, to this mind they all call out for me to love you. I just want to love you.

Arms opened wide and shoulders rolled back, this is who I am and this is who I will always be. Take me, take all of me. Absorb each piece of me through these tender eyes of catastrophe. I am nothing but rubble cast upon the ground but I will be the strongest building around if only you loved me.

I just want to take my time loving you as only true lovers do. Watch my lips taste your skin and feel the fire spread within. I just want to take my time with you as only your real lover could do.

Fantasize about me within your dreams, just as I dream a dream of you and me. Follow the path of clouded fantasy and dance with me in our own field of dreams. Revel in my softened touch and sink into my warm embrace. Melt into my open arms as my soul melts into you. Take all of me, all I have to give you can have for you.

I just want to take my time loving you as only true lovers do. Watch my lips caress your skin and feel this fire spread within. I just want to take my time with you as only your real lover could do.

Let me make you feel this love I have for you.

I just want to take my time loving you as only true lovers do. Watch my lips taste your skin and feel this fire spread within. I just want to take my time with you as only your real lover could ever do.

One Time

A drive thru theatre captivates my mind. Black and white silent films flicker against some cranial wall, silent but loud all the same. My memories of you fill in color and noise, perfectly remembering each syllable your lips spoke. 

Amber waves carry me across time’s wake, directly towards Distracted Cove until all my vision is flooded with a blue-green haze. Your eyes gazing right through mine. Piercing. Pure intensity. 

Drum beats change the tune, loud and steady within my chest. Heart throbbing, flesh to bone, my reaction too stark against friendship’s voice always offering its help. Come dance along, my beautiful dear. The beat of my feelings provides the perfect opportunity. Take my hand and dance away with me. We will dance across the world bungy jumping off every bridge, diving into each cave, and mudding through every field. A cooler of beer and a cooler of food is all we need. 

Your eyes captivate me. 

Such intelligence to rival my own and weathered will to oppose any foe. Unstoppable and beautiful inside and out. 

Hold my hand, even just once. All I desire is your touch. The feeling it brings surprises and comforts all at once. You make me want to be a better woman. Even if you hold my hand just once. 


First meeting.

Electric rush. 

Pressing flesh. 

Days pass by. 

Months fleeting. 

Comfortable touching. 

Distancing kissing. 

Shorter conversations. 

Petty bickering talks. 

Family forged. 

Stronger love. 

Questioning minds. 

Meet first again. 

Electric rush. 

Cosmic touch.


So long. 


Imagination running wild, the scent of you inside that shower driving me crazy, dreaming about walking in, dominate and wild, stripping as I do, climbing in with you. Press you back against the moistened wall, kiss you full and hard, kiss you like you’re mine. Take you. Take you till you know nothing else.

But questions plague my mind. Do you wish to be alone? I hear the music serenading the air, and I wonder, do you wish a moment alone? What would you do if I crept in, high on tip toes, to wrap my arms around you, both of us wet and hot, the steam swirling around our braced bodies, the water raining down like a new day. What would you do? What would you say? What would you think?

I wonder often of what you think. All the things you do not say. I fear emotional distress, torment of such a higher level, agony beyond repair. I fear this pain because I know only you could destroy me. Take years for my heart to manifest again.

Do I really need a heart?

I feel so much with you. Just a simple touch, a casual glance, and I am wanton for you. My heart becomes the aria of some magnificent performance with you. My arms turn to wings and my feet cease contact with earth.

All the pain in the world is worth one moment with you. I want you always. In all ways.



How do you affect me so strongly? One word from you and quickly I am in need of a shower. You are the only woman who has ever made me react in such a manner. Never before have I lived constantly damp and yearning. But every time we speak, a fire within ignites and takes all my strength to not kiss your perfect lips until your very breath dissipates in a fraction of the desire I feel for you.

Le mort de belle

Quickened beat as Devil’s drums,

Pulse as hummingbirds hums.


Eyes intent with questioned glance,

Adopting sly seductive stance.


Knees as water rushing stream,

Perspirating in intensity’s steam.


Hands opening, clenching shut,

Utilizing sashay-like strut.


Show what you desire of me,

Allow these fingers to set you free.


Acknowledge the look in these eyes,

Know my feelings are more than lies.


Let me touch an angel tonight,

Face to face with an angel tonight.


Feel this wicked tongue caress,

Wishing pleasure nothing less.


Taste my desire on every part,

Body in one hand the other my heart.


Join us together finally tonight,

Become my angel this dark night.

Animal Within.

Thinking of you creates moisture and aching desire betwixt these trembling thighs. I have never seen your body, nor asked, because your thoughts hold the power to turn me on without images or sound. Your every word ignites the fire causing it to grow and grow until the desire I cannot bare anymore and must relieve the ache with my own two hands.

But this creates another dilemma all on its own. I think of you all day, therefore my panties are slick with their darkest ideas all day from tears wept by my molten core crying out your name in its desperate pleas. Even sitting behind this desk of marble and glass, watched over by cameras many, surrounded by glass doors and windows, the temptation to touch myself while thinking of you is near unbearable.

This ache resonates so deep I need your skillful touch to assist me in easing its resilient call. I imagine your hands on me several times a day. It always begins the same, imagining us at dinner or some other typical date arena, perhaps even in my apartment cuddled on the couch discussing sporadic topics; but it always ends the same as well: with you underneath me. My desire for you is palpable to say the least.

Yet, every one attempts to become your lover and I know how this bothers you. In order to guarantee your happiness, even your contentment, I must resist the temptation to lay you down and kiss every part of your radiant skin, to grind, to taste, to lick, to bite, and to caress…I must resist, for, my feelings are more than lust and I shall do whatever it takes to ensure your happiness. No matter how many ice cold showers I must sacrifice my body to.

I at least shall have the images of handling your body with care and lustful desire until you beg me to stop. Which, of course, I do not.