Blood, crimson and dark, seeping from porous cores, spreading and cascading around still form. Her hair once radiant beneath the summer sun,  now lies flacid like a crown. Deadened roots, moistened earth, wrap her up as a coffin would. Skin too pale…deadened to the cells. Once she smelled so lovely, as a precious flower, now she smells just as dead as she lies this hour. Shameful to imagine beauty is not eternal. Beauty dies with the last breath. Her beauty attracted the wrong kind of man, her beauty attracted the worst kind of man, the man who wanted that beauty for himself. A man who took her innocence and drank it deep down into his soulless core. His thirst will never end and his determination will only grow by the seed he planted by her head. He has tasted blood, he has felt the power, if only her life had not been the cause of his arrival. Innocent and sweet, like a summer Georgia peach.. a husk of her former glory. Replanted by an insatiable monger yearning for more juices running down his cheeks each time he bites into such a peachy fuzzy soft and sweet type of flesh.

Passion..He felt passion for this girl. Passion means reckless. Reckless means evidence. Beneath the nails, upon the clothes, atop the earth. Everywhere, scan everywhere. This man did not plan this. No, this man loved this. This man was lost inside this. The kill was rash, unplanned, passionate. She struggled as her innocence was murdered brutally. The earth is dissheveled… We need DNA. There between her legs, look there. This man panicked and ran. This man forgot to clean up his mess. This man is already hungry again.

Gather the evidence, send it to labs, wait weeks until anything can be said… Interview friends, family, neigbors… Somewhere, someone, know what that man said to get her killed rather than in bed.

Soft caress of her hair, brush it behind her ear. She was full of fear. So innocent, so young… no she is gone. She has become an it. Dissect it, test it, clean it, so we can find whatever killed it. It’s name no longer matters, send someone to deal with the family, let us focus on it so we can put an end to this absurdity. It would want that. It would need that. It will have that.


Lying Upon A Rock

Water rushing past, racing over rocks buried centuries too deep. Its clarity and speed barely understood by man and his simplistic mind. I’m in too deep… Clothes wet and muddied…or are they bloodied? My body seems so heavy… Wait… Is that something nibbling at my feet?! Please be a fish and not some ravenous carnivore dying to eat. My eyes seem so stiff, glazed like donuts it seems. They once used to shine like flashlight beams. So bright and bursting full with intelligence. If only someone had given me a hint… Maybe I would not have turned up this way. My body is broken, I know it cannot recover given any number of day. Do my lungs not breathe? Does my heart not beat? Water…water rushing through my hair, once it felt so cool seeping past the follicles to tease my scalp not two summers ago it felt so cool fighting the sun and its summer heat. Now it feels wet…wet and warm to me. There is something wrong with me. Is that my body sliding free? No! It must stay there upon those rocks! Stay perched atop the rocky tops and let the world finally see… let them see why monsters should not be free. Just yesterday I was home… visiting my parents and favorite dog… Hard to imagine that now I am lying here watching this incandescent log. Time really does fly by… All I want to know is why. I was a good kid. I studied hard, I paid my bills on time, I went to school and wanted more than life had to offer, I wanted to do good… why am I so cold? Wheels move dirt against its will, dust erupting in an angry cloud. Someone is not far from here…I wonder if they shall come near? Perhaps they can drag my body from these waters, release me from these raging rapids and swift currents. Maybe they have a blanket…or even some matches. Soil crunches in agony against the heels of boots. So close…just on the other side of those bushes there. Do they know I am here? No…screams erupt. Two children it seems, camping with mommy and daddy before I scared them. I am sorry children! Oh do not run away…Please stay… I do not want to die alone… Lying here upon this stone. I used to camp with mommy and daddy.. I learned to fish.. Even the right way to make a wish. So cold… Ever colder… Why was I not allowed to grow older? I just wanted to make the world better… be a real go getter.. Make my parents proud.. I wish I could say that out loud. But no child really ever speaks their mind. There is never enough time. So much bothers us and we never want to sever the fragile trust. So silent we stay… until we end up this way. Cold… Alone… Lying upon a rock. Water… water rushing by.. Beneath my finger tips.. wet.. warm.. I want a sip. So parched, my lips chapped, throat raw and mouth dry… still I want to know why. Sirens? Yes! Sirens now! Here they come! Oh, how I have been so dumb. Watching them draw near and wrap tape around the trees, I fear how they see me. I fear how I see me… From above. I see me. I should not be able to see me… but alas.. I am free.

Never Fear, Forensics is Here

Heart beat pounding, pulse resounding, minds recounting, horrors unknown, horrors untold, human hands have butchered our very sanity. Blood splatter speckling the walls of our minds, puncture wounds allowing blood to pulse and ebb seeping from our veins like poison from a snake. Another killer, another murder, another morning like every other. Here come the screams, here come the tears, here come the nightmarish fears. How could monsters escape my dreams and become one with this twisted reality? No one warns you about them at the academy. Monsters without fangs or bat shaped fiends, villains not cloaked in cape or fur. No these enemies don skin and clothes same as you and me. They even walk these streets unrestrained and free. We must stop them, end their plight of endless fright. Protect the innocent and save the lost, sometimes I wonder at what cost. I am an angel of the night, with gleaming sword shining bright, I run to you through my fright, and bring you home with my pin sharp sight. Every blood speck, every shred of cloth, every follicle of hair, every cell and every step, I take it in. I will find the answers and to this night bring an end. Your fear will cease, your life will carry on, I will solve this case and bring you home. Never fear, forensics is here.


Tiny hairs come to attention all over my skin, muscles grow taut, and nipples begin hardening. Cold air wisps around my empty carcass, blanketing me with an invisible arm. Trees surround my once likened features, waving farewell with branches filled with creatures. Soil beneath a back of bone, shifts and stirs with uncomfortable silence. Flowers so often bloom and die, this the forest knows, but to have one go before it could grow causes ill respute with bush and bramble. Nature adores each lily and rose, adorning them in sunshine and rain drops as it chose. Leaves rustle above and below, a mere background song played in a coffee shop or diner. Trunks stand tall and resolute, towering over my form, desolate. Human minds have always been ignorant. Deafened and blind to Nature’s finest moments. Spasms commence, soul clinging to stiffened limbs, feeling nothing but Death’s cold kiss. I suppose the most it shall be Summer’s warmth I will miss. Sun light and fluffy clouds white as snow, green grass filled with life and flower petals all around. Yet now, I lie without a sound. Ears turned deaf through rigormortis, unable to speak, breathe, or peek. Each movement dictated at Nature’s will, my body now the remains of some self righteous kill. Animals alike may feast and devour, my once beating heart now in their power. Tiny teeth gnaw and chew, my morbid end to begin their life anew. Alas, this must be how children disappear, wishing their parents were near. But wait! The forest stirs…footsteps approach as careless as a cur. Louder, louder they come! Perhaps my killer to see what he has done. A woman, dressed in blue, kneels beside me and sees my truth. Samples are gathered, pictures taken, notes written, as she pats my frozen hand. She whispers throughout her work saying “much too young”, “sad, sad end”, and “don’t worry we’ll catch this man”. Tears of joy could have drenched my face, because of her I can leave this place. My parents will know what he did to me, and tonight will be his last night free.