Judge and Jury

Misconceptions reign supreme.

Broken promises jest in court.

Society to hope and faith they cling,

As the edges of seats retort.

Fallacy and dignity hand in hand,

Dancing for eyes ignorantly bland.

Bright colors lead eyes astray,

Like magic tricks tempt and sway.

Emotions hold no validity here.

Repress the ‘oohs’, deny the ‘aahs’.

Imbibe the liquor, down the beer.

Listen as the vulture caws.

Constructive thoughts shines bright.

Logic and knowledge held to breast, tight.

Bursting through speech and bodies, fight.

No ruler or clown defeats this knight.

Laughter ceases, seats empty.

Not a creak nor a squeak speaks.

Mind imbues reality quickly.

Throughout time the tale now leaks.


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