Judge and Jury

Misconceptions reign supreme.

Broken promises jest in court.

Society to hope and faith they cling,

As the edges of seats retort.

Fallacy and dignity hand in hand,

Dancing for eyes ignorantly bland.

Bright colors lead eyes astray,

Like magic tricks tempt and sway.

Emotions hold no validity here.

Repress the ‘oohs’, deny the ‘aahs’.

Imbibe the liquor, down the beer.

Listen as the vulture caws.

Constructive thoughts shines bright.

Logic and knowledge held to breast, tight.

Bursting through speech and bodies, fight.

No ruler or clown defeats this knight.

Laughter ceases, seats empty.

Not a creak nor a squeak speaks.

Mind imbues reality quickly.

Throughout time the tale now leaks.



Blackened hills arch repetitively.
Mirrored effects muddle minds.
Numbers brand each plastic apex.
Bodies fill the cavernous space,
Cradled comfortable by hard embrace.
Monotonous and faceless, silent.
Another mountain — another man.
Blurred lines between entities.
Facing one direction, together,
How much can you see?


Refracted reflection rippling near,
Beneath the surface everything is clear.
Movement orders viscous facade,
Rearranging eyes and organs to applaud.
Survival camouflage plastic and neat,
Reserving a social standard seat.
Strangers meet in emulated glass,
Befuddled looks characterize the pass.
Eyes meet eyes blinded by lies,
Timid waves advertise highs.
Quickly walk to society’s embrace,
The only one to know true face.

Modern Equality

Blood-flooded vessels course through veins packed with traffic contained.

Every breath of air evicted after eased in with love and care.

Neuron induced fire sparks thoughts taughtly impacted in my mind.

Am I male?
Am I female?

Does it matter?


I am the same as you.
My rights are not.


By law, I cannot do the same as you.


Perfection relative —
Love, oft cumulative.
Eyes, stunningly piercing
Through the heart —
Jackniving, shooting in
To the soul —
Burrowing, digging in
With clawed feet, pushing down.
The heart, begins to pound.
Claws knick flesh, blood sprouts forth.
Love, rushes toward swor’th.
Dripping slow, red and stark,
Burning bright, through each mark.
Each fire cauterizing.
Deep ache, now comforting.
Here you cumulate.
None other, can relate.


Trembling hands rub on concealer.
Layers of Maybeline increasing beauty.
Four legged companion the only comforter.
Continuing activities strict daily duty.
Complimentary colors are blue and black.
Each outfit earning pats on the back.
Sensitive eyes excuse the glasses.
Every conversation a series of passes.
Words land mines tongues dance around.
One misstep results in deafening sound.
Bloody bits fly through the air.
Nobody left to care.

Thirty-Two Petals

Dutifully perched atop the very center of my place,

Thirty-two petals reflected color upon the terrace.

Upright upon the edge of the bed I sat,

Completely content in a well-mannered chat.

Hours passed and my eyes remained,

Glued unto those thirty-two petals, vase contained.

From the golden rod color erupting from their core,

To the forest green shooting downwards to the floor.

I discovered blues camouflaged quietly betwixt the purples,

And subtle oranges traipsed their way through the sepals.

I listened intently as light danced across the Xiphion,

For any secret those Irideae summon.

High Tide

I love you the way waves merge upon the shore. Slowly absorbing grains wrap each drop in their embrace as the sun bears down with unending grace. Each wave drifts away, pulled by fate, the dampened sand which became their trace. Every ripple outlined on land as if drawn by some divine hand. Twice a day those waves kiss the sand. Twice. Throughout time love knows no other vice. Eternal hope – each wave returns. Eternal patience – land waits and burns, beaneath the sun.

Love is never done.

Universal Lessons

Your eyes are their own universe. Each glimmer a distant galaxy shimmering with its own gravity. Your pupils the black hole you hide behind surrounded by your secrets. I see a glint of you at the top corner. You’re peeking out from stacked blackened blankets because you want to know just as much as you want to be known.

I could look in your eyes for ages and never grow bored. Just as a child is mesmerized at the waves that tickle their toes and at the horizon that never ends. Your eyes are as deep as the ocean’s blue. The currents swirl unpredictably powered by the mind behind it. I love tracing the lines around your eyes and wonder how many people drowned there.

I look at you and I am breathless. My heart catches in my throat and I realize, I’m choking on your waves crashing against my shore. Your smile is my horizon, the sun appearing off the coast allowing me to see another day.

Your eyes are the key to your soul, and your soul is endless. Through your guidance I can see the world as nothing more than eternal connections betwixt man and plant and goat and sky. We are the heavens and we are the hell. We are all the ocean and we are all the earth. Through your eyes I see the countless stars twinkling inside.

Don’t ever lose that light.