The Moon and the Sun

Shining beacon in the sky, 

Emitting life from your light. 

Radiant arms stretching down, 

Spreading joy without sound. 

Reigning supreme during day, 

Successful in every way. 

An orb rises opposing sun, 

Glowing brightly with sun done.

Smaller twinkling companions rise,

Watching the world with blinking eyes.

Sun meets this orb’s gaze, 

It moves him in unspeakable ways. 

For her to live, sun must die – 

He takes a breath and dives. 

Without sun peeking through, 

Moon’s strength soon grew. 

She lived fully all night long, 

Until she heard Sun’s lovely song. 

Moon quietly asked him “why?”

To which the sun replied,

“Your beauty reigns supreme.

Living without it means nothing to me.”

The moon drifted to sleep as the sun grew bright, 

Spending all day craving her light. 

Each night the Sun sacrificed his life, 

So the Moon could live throughout the night. 

He loved her so much he died each night, 

Just so the world could see her light. 



The way your fiery locks doth wave
Send trembles through the cave
Shaking walls that forever shall crave
Your sharp witted mind and piercing gaze-

Until, the grave.

Carnivorous Chase

You’re a fox, I’m the hound
Pure wolf on the prowl
Careful little one
When I find you, I howl
Beware the sound
Once I catch your scent
I’ll become relentless
Don’t test this
Patience of the hunter
Thrill of the hunt
Driven by the hunger
I shall find you, my hunted
Once captured, here you’ll stay
Beside me forever you shall lay
My wolffish grin first thing you’ll see
Each morning you’re with me

Colors of the Wind

I hear music drift upon the wind
Let me lend a helping hand
I part my lips and sing a long
Increasing our song by ten men strong
The world should hear such a symphony
Created when your heart met me
Our music melds so easily
I never imagined merging, occurring so peacefully
As our chords strike against the odds
I feel a yearning ache within my quads
Travel calls my name out loud
I am beckoned despite my rainless cloud
With such sentimental, poetic tokens
I wonder if your resolve has yet broken

Musical Addition

I close my eyes, listen
This is where two songs combine
You, the jazzy blues delving deep into my mind
Me, the turbulent rock that frees and soothes
Together we create music none can hate
Turn back? Never. It’s already too late
My heart saw your colors deep inside
As yours so quickly saw mine
I like your rhythm, I like your blues
Let’s make these ones turn to twos
Stick with me, ma bella
And I’ll always entertain ya


Jazzy is the name I gave to this woman of the glade
Her upbeat tempo created a disco spinning through each system I know
All I hear is her sweet saxophone whispering licks within my ear
The deep, dark bass beat encroaches upon me, it’s near
So sweet and docile she may appear
But beneath every whimsical note there’s a story painted in rhyme
I listen each day with hope I discover it in time