Death by Civility

The lie embedded within the confines of my life settles to the bottom of my gut with the same unnerving certainty as a maggot – invested melon — filling me with wiggling insecurities and retched doubts. 

My lips seal a putrid gag behind their walls forcing my tongue to marinate inside its own filth. My eyes fill beyond their capacity, threatening to overflow constantly. Just to survive, no eye contact can occur between my soul and another. 

The raw, sensitive flesh covering my lie burns red to the touch. But, the truth in my lie seeps through velvet curtains begging to be touched. Even more unnerving than the sickened conditions enveloping this elaborate charade, is the same heavy air and clenching gut brought out by truth. 

Crossing the line drawn between honesty and civility is something I cannot do. I will exist with veins of maggots and breath of blow flies before I alter the divinity of civility. I shall treat each individual walking this corpse ridden plane with respect and honor despite the wiggling sensation within my soul to speak the truth to all, no matter the sting. 


Standing Above the Answer

I look around with anxious eyes and only find disappointment here and there. People asking for this and that, things for which their greed desires and hungers. Overwhelmed by thirst, they are blind to the bottomless reservoir right beneath their feet. If only they focused upon where they stood could they see what they truly need. 

Then my eyes find you. I want to look into your smiling eyes as they tell me it’s all right. It’s okay to feel this way. It’s okay to see what others cannot, or do not wish to see. It’s okay to like people for who they are inside and not who society wants them to be. 

I look at you and I am at peace. Your smile shows me it’s okay and your eyes whisper, “I see it all, too”.