The Wave

The story of the wave is rarely told. A wave crashing into the walls of the earth. Just another wild wave upon the shifting sands of time. The rebellious wave pulling grains of the earth away. The water clawing into the land as if it doesn’t want to leave. As the wave is pulled away the earth remains until they both end up here. Just rotating obstacles and waves upon the shore never coming into contact for five seconds or more. Wave after wave demolishing the sand in desperate attempts to stay in contact with its lover’s warmth. The story of love and loss as never told before. A wave rushing towards a sandy beach. The beach unable to move. The pain of loss repeated for all eternity. Wave crashes into earth, earth cannot leave, sand is stolen, and the wave is lost. 


The Humble Hut

A woman knelt hunched beneath a rickety shelter composed of wooden twigs meagerly gathered with whatever effort she could spare. Rainwater seeped through the breaks in the hurriedly placed wood cascading down her bent form. Graying strands of wet hair clung to her face hidden by a seemingly useless hood.

People continued walking by without ever taking notice. Footsteps splashed through the world outside her humble shack while her eyes remained glued to the motion of the rain water upon the ground. Each footstep bullying more water until it was completely displaced from its original land. Despite the continual push and pull from the almost rhythmic footsteps, the liquid merely flowed effortlessly through nook and cranny.

A stranger paused across the bustling street from the shack. Gray eyes gazed intently upon the quaking image as lightening flashed in the sky casting shadows over the crouched woman. Sopping wet clumps of hair parted as a dirty, wrinkled face tilted skyward. A sullen pair of deep green eyes discovered the curious gray orbs inspecting her and her home. Two pairs of eyes briefly met before the stranger hurried away, her eyes filled with embarrassment.

The sky darkened once more leaving the woman bent over in her shack. The sound of rain pelting downward against the earthen floor provided a soothing melody calming to hear. Rain water moistened the earth beneath the woman’s feet until she began to slowly sink deeper within the land she admired so intently. Water filled in the gaps between the earthen ripples at her feet allowing her soles to bathe freely.

A small smile embraced her lips as her dirt encrusted hands began to slowly wash her feet. Someone noticed her home. Someone noticed her kneeling beneath the crying clouds. The skies above provided a bath for her feet.

Today was a good day.