I am in a constant state of always waiting just to erupt-

I was never passionate in matters of the heart. I spent my entire life trying not to tread on people’s feelings or participate in pointless arguments. I always believed fighting damaged relationships. Only after years of living have I realized it makes them stronger. A strong relationship should exhibit and properly nourish all the emotions. Love should be just as such, a passionate display of the emotional spectrum. 

I never experienced passion before. I never hated someone while simultaneously loving them. I never met someone who drove me absolutely crazy while setting my heart on fire. I always practiced being mellow and relaxed. I performed daring feats of rolling with the punches until one single woman shattered my being. My world took a powerful right hook to the face and collapsed to the ground. A one it knockout and I was lost. There are no bad emotions. Just bad ways to express emotions. A good life requires them all.

Being denied your love could quite possibly be one of the best things to occur in my life. My soul is filled with a culmination of emotions burning within. I am a volcano waiting to explode. Each emotion building within me, awaiting the right person to finally allow me to release it all without consequence. Awaiting someone who can handle such an eruption. 

A strong, irreversible, unimaginable display of true, passionate, love.