Ex Lovers

Ex lovers can never be friends because ex lovers are just a meaning to an end. Ex lovers can never reconnect because ex lovers remember all the sex. Ex lovers once called each other more but now they are just strangers with shared memories to store. Ex lovers always yearn for meanings beyond past feelings but ex lovers are doomed to yearn forever more.



Nothing occurs faster than ungarnished defeat, something unbelievable and irrefutable. One moment complacent laying idly by whilst time deceivingly asking why. Memoirs splatter the concrete past, blurring the lines defining truth and fiction. Perceived reality imagined finely, awakens millions to their disastrous fashions. Shards shatter downwards shedding from bloodied flesh dripping with social expectation. 

Eyes everywhere now are seeing. 


Completely doomed from launch and start. Overwhelmed by copious fire initiated by disastrous fate destroying all chances of a final mate. 

Magnetized, polarized, drawn together, forever damned to adore the other while withering away from the deceitful drought. 

Realization arrives too late. 

The heart demands awareness for its complacent commitment or acceptance of its burning adoration before consequences arise and flesh is torn. 

Considered by others as amazingly cute whilst decaying within from lack of nutrient based contentment. 

Realization arrives too late. 

Two weeks remain, such precious time. My hands tremble composing each rhyme. If only love worked on a dime, our paths would have crossed much sooner and life changed because of one line. 

But realization arrives too late. 

We are nothing but victims of ill-timed fate. 

Fertile Lands

Limbs intertwine and flesh compresses as heat intensifies between the masses. 

Fusion commences while madness lapses completing one phase as molasses. 

Muffled sounds rise and fall like crests on waves swelling upon a forgotten shore. 

Friction compels the most frigid form demanding their mind to beg for more. 

Deciphering motions correctly or not, balancing ‘twixt wrong and right. 

Squeezing through for just tonight, reveling in what feels so right – 

And tight. 


Joining the bonds of selfish deposition while rearranging the position. 

Perfect timing for quick release, no matter the moment or situation. 

Lone Ranger

    I never had much need of super heroes or knights in shining armor. I always had a knack for saving myself and surviving. But once in a while, just once a true, blue moon, when times appear the darkest and life roughest, I wish upon a little star to deliver someone just as true to sweep me off my tired soles and carry me some place better without my blood staining the floor.

    There was a time I believed the stars had finally delivered such an imaginary heroine to my door. There was a time I believed wholeheartedly she was you.

    Now I face my great nemesis, life and all she brings, the classes, the financial crisis, the lonely nights and long hours. I face my nemesis alone and unafraid because of the scars branded across my flesh by your steady blade. You sliced my heart through its core and walked away looking for more. Once believed my greatest ally, my final companion and beloved friend, now a sordid memory blanketing the past. 

    Once again I require no aid, I ask no assistance. I am a loner, an independent, a wolf howling through each night. I need no company but hunger for it as a dying man. Until some fated form cross my path with no ill intent or deceitful glance, I shall battle my demons with my own bare hands reveling in their fiery blood and dastardly guts. 

    Disappointment taught me many things, perhaps the greatest of all is leaving your enemies gutless. 

Stranger on a Bus

    I feel like some people get on the bus and pick out the most attractive woman there to sit beside. I’m still not sure what crosses their mind, but it must be something life altering when they decide to casually lean against whatever poor woman their eyes locked upon.

    Something along the line, “Oh wow, she’s really attractive, I should casually lean against her all the time and practically fall in her lap when the bus turns so she’ll know I find her attractive”. Because, obviously, that’s not annoying at all to women.

    “Oh, and if she scoots away, I’ll just lean in more so she’ll know that no matter where she goes, I’ll be there. Chicks love that stuff”. No, no chicks don’t love that stuff. Chicks hate that stuff. Get the fuck off of me you strange, unknown man. 

     I just thought people in Walmart or other various stores grocery shopping at midnight were strange, but things definitely get stranger on a bus. 

On a more positive note, I got a free donut from some awesome woman on the way to work this morning.

Club Chemistry

Witnessing actions while challenging the societal distance as eyes travel along your form, memorizing each magnificent curvature. Burdened with helpful values and friendship in need, leaving no chance for interaction.

Another day. Another time. 

New appearance, new attitude, same eyes gazing upon mall booth beauty. Each shoe gliding across tiled floor, slipping gracefully against polished surface, almost flying towards you. Straighteners and hair products lined your vision, half of fliers fluttered through my sight, until our eyes met. Sweet and sincere brown, bottomless pools of intelligence captured my attention.

Exchanged words, tumultuous breaths heaved in surprised silence. Lips taught with laughter and nervous tension. An appointment made, dancing, drinking with friends. 

Apprehension drenching the climate as brakes lock and tires stop. A long walk lies ahead, teasing anxious hands fidgeting with hair and nails. Conversation eases in, relaxing bodies and comforting minds. Friends arrive and dancing ensues, drinks are ordered and laughter ricochets from wall to wall. Chemistry brews within every cell, fires igniting with each touch. 

Kisses exchanged in public view, forever promising to never cease their escapades in the night air.

Escaping from friends, avoiding the crowds, stumbling towards the car, then towards a door. The night flying by on the back of ecstasy. All the while, something else, something more spoke through actions that night. A connection formed, a bond forged, chemistry permeating through every pore.

The beginning of something spectacular occurred. Minds abroad all wonder: Where will this go?  

All of this is so true and beautifully written where all can understand. I love this piece.

The Better Man Project ™

We need more people to stand in their flames. To say, “Here I am. Yes I am cloaked in this…but that does not define where I am going to be. Because if I stand in my flames, they will almost surely put themselves out. But if I lay down to die, I will certainly turn to ash.” When you stand in your flames and accept your condition, you leave yourself open to putting that fire out. Without acceptance, those flames will always be burning. I don’t think anyone needs tangible proof of what I am saying here.


This past week I was going through some interesting stuff, things that I will never forget, and I came to some pretty strong realizations. I realized that we must not only love our condition, but love the conditions of those around us. The concept of unconditional love comes to mind. The fact that…

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When love recedes, so do I. Back within my animal self. That primal being snarling inside, its fangs are mine and I am it. With great love lost comes great sacrifice. My wolf is mine as I belong to it. We run together through wooded troubles and keep each other warm when others leave us shivering. Yes, when love recedes, so do I, but to a much simpler place without rules or goodbyes. 

You can have all else, you can destroy all else, but this, this is mine. This is ours, my wolf and me, we are ours and ours alone. None shall conquer, none shall destroy, none shall devour as long as we are one.