I wish I absorbed the knowledge somewhere down the line that contained such abilities as translating these feelings expanding my chest to catastrophic levels. Each morning I awake to your beautiful face and my chest cavity stretches from here to Japan. The Japanese look down and see their feet dancing upon my breast and smile and snicker because they know it is all for you. The world giggles as I walk past leaving imprints of my heart upon every wall and surface as it continues its thud-thudding, punching each item I pass and they know it is all for you. My eyes emit fireworks far fiercer than the Fourth of July behind their lenses that the world can see. When we walk hand-in-hand the world smiles down upon us at the mere sight of my elation.

Still, my tongue is muted to you. My hands must speak where my lips fall short. Oh, how I wish my lips could build a  castle for you to live the rest of your days and all eternity. A castle as grand as any Merriott hotel and as extravagant as any Chateau in France. But they remain stilled against my tongue, ever tightening with every kiss and hug.

Oh God, how I love you.



Your side of the bed’s emptiness awakens me and I am deafened. Lonesome warmth bares its barbarous fangs devouring my brittle bones and numbing me to the depths of my soul. My fingertips grasp through velvet darkness tangling themselves in sheet and blanket before ceasing their escapade and only dreaming of your touch. The twin petals of my lips kiss your pillow as both nostrils inhale deeply. My lungs swell and expand in a desperate attempt to capture your scent within me forever.

And this is how I sleep.

Dark vs. Light

Twin souls bind and bound illuminated beneath solar rays defining the day as shadows dance and stalk in rueful melancholy and demented anticipation. The darkness only ignites the souls and defines their outlines as DaVinci traced and placed every line precisely right.

Yet, once there existed a time in space where darkness ruled not just the night but the days as well. Suffocating shadows grasped every throat, choking life and love from betwixt their lungs. Desperation rang out as a church bell on Monday morning, strange and all alone in its plea for assistance. Despair soon followed, just another of three D’s. Not a living soul was heard or seen rejoicing aspects of its daily routine. Not a beating heart felt blessed enough to begin its search for better love. Death paced along the outer boundaries watching gleefully as hearts quit beating as vibrantly and souls quit slamming against their cells as violently. Death’s fingers tapped one another shrouded in darkness in depth and all that was viewed was the smile upon his lips.

Two souls emerged bursting through decaying bodies of filth and faithlessness, pure light shooting through their every pore. With two hands clutched together they burst forth united as one. One entity, one being, one love forever more. Their souls twirled around each other, spiraling upwards as beanstalks of lore sprouted to reach the Heavens above. Something so pure, so blessed, so wonderfully magnificent could only belong to a place as beautifully compassionate.

Death could not believe his eyes as they grew and grew larger than a breakfast for nine. Such desolate hopelessness reigned supreme, yet before his bloodshot eyes stood two lovers who made the whole world better it seemed. Rage welled up within Death’s being, slowly starting from his toes to his ears he felt that insurgent rage grow. Soon Death’s being vibrated with the agony of rage too pure to contain, his being dispersed with a vengeful shout and all the shadows retreated in fear. The light of love shone too bright. No inferior being nor malicious intent could ever cross from the dark to the light without love in their heart.

The End.

Individuals shuffle souls across the rolling rocks digging foot and claw into Earth’s surface, relocating soil across the land and never once glance towards the right direction. Acidity boils beneath Earth’s outer shell, causing trembling, roaring, vibrations in extremity. Pollutants crowd Earth’s vicinity in various forms including “evolved” animals deaf and dumb to the cries of a dying home.  No actions emerge in answer to imminent death of Mother Earth. No words whisper twixt bush and bramble to soothe her aches and pains. Soon Earth shall pass from this life unto the next and we shall lie in suffering agony as punishment for our pride and stupidity.


I find myself bombarded with thoughts of powerful succession, ideas of some miraculous inoculation to damage the present procession. Debates resound through galleys of clowns, barraging every ear canal simultaneously dulling each tip of the tongue. Words loll out cold and alone, too numb in feeling to ever express the cold. Numerous people parade past peoples tattered and worn too old to protest their perception. Homeless men and women piss upon porches and shit atop gabled roofs of granite and gold owned by people too numb and void, too dumb from cold to ever see the light. Yet, we must prevent an apocalypse, a pandemic of fear, we must march proudly through pain and pride to print our tongues upon the ballot of right. We must choose a side to dominate our minds and dictate our lives. We must choose a liar less filled with lies. How to choose the liar who lies the least? Or could he just be a liar who lies the least because we perceive the lies he lies the least? The best liar wins and the worst liar loses caught up in a world with nothing but his nooses strangling his necks of prejudice and persistence. Washington warned the world of old to never stow parties in two,  to never lose the unity of one, yet here we are in world of new walking two by two with nooses for two around each neck choking on naivety and spewing up stupidity. Nothing can save this world of calamity where every man wears his noose and each woman chokes on lies thick as smog and gravity. The next big election exists as just a popularity contest shrouded in mist of civility. We should all vote to maintain our right to complain and trapse across the earth in grave reality. Vote for the lesser evil, vote for the wisest liar, vote for the smartest reader, vote for the dumbest man. President of the next great pandemic shall be nothing more than a puppet with purpose, a puppet to follow the bankers secret orders, a show puppet to wave and smile as the military murders and the government steals to show that in naivety we shall all pursue.