Four wheels carry me to you, but I have ridden atop barren winds of hopes and dreams across distances vast to feel your lips on mine. Two circles roll me to you, slowly and surely I witness the world pass us by with my arms around you. One wheel bounces me to you, gliding above crested hills and curving roads with my arms stretched wide and heart pouring forth, I accept you. Broken spokes and twisted spoilers grind and spew sparks against Mother Earth and I am crawling to you atop scorned limbs and weary soul because I love you. Wheels speed by tossing muddied water across my molten core and I continue on towards that beckoning glow just beyond the horizon where your love for me glows. Soon I shall crawl between your luscious thighs and bury my dirtied face deep within your belly and breathe all of you in as my lungs hunger to do so and my hands starve to be filled with your sensuous touch. Nothing carries me to you but the love within my heart, and nothing shall make me leave but disdain within yours.



A moment

Without you

Catapults through

My heart.


Straight towards the

Most tender



Barreling through

Heated flesh

I am



Without your love

To see me through

I am surely