Scars by Anna Nalick

This reminds me of you..and all I wish to do for you..



Hunger gnawing at my sides, gurgling through my insides. Mouth dripping with desire, aching to quench the hunger. Hands shaking in anticipation, knees weak with salvation. Oh, beautiful thing come to these lips, let me squeeze you between my tips. I promise to be ever so gentle, I will only bite down just a little. Come ease this pain within my gut, let my knife make one deep cut. Through you straight to the core, I know you will not leave me wanting more. So delicious with all your layers, so many various flavors…time to swallow, time to scoot, thanks for lunch, time really flew. I will be back when the tide rolls in and I am hungry again.

Just A Story

Why write about the world when all the world wishes is a story of a girl? A story of love, a story of loss, a story of heartbreak at a deadly cost. This world would rather read of fantastical fiction than take a moment and assess the situation. The world crumbles beneath their very feet yet still they curl beneath the sheets and ask for a story from their favorite fan fiction. You want a story? Their author asks, quietly beheading truth with their crooked axe. Yes, the man-child replies gazing up with their blinded eyes. Here’s a story just for you, a story I know to be true.

There once was a woman, plain as could be, her surface nourished and healthy as can be. Her hair grew long and flowed free, whipping and swirling in the easy breeze. Her eyes glistened with hope and love, as pools of reflecting light shining brighter at times just for spite. Then one day there came a man, handsome and young with a firm hand, she swooned and melted at his feet, begging for just one more treat. He spoke real sweet and loved her shape, he promised to save her and donned a cape. For a while things were great. Then came the day he wished to change their fate. He gripped her firmly and tugged at her bush and at her bramble, then he folded her down smaller than their table. He rolled her up and kicked her out, following her was his gleeful shout, “you’ll do just fine” his voice she heard for the last time. Soon enough she quit spinning, her mind and heart painfully bickering. Then came a boy wondering along her surface, he seemed lost and lonely, his heart a huge crevice. She watched him day and night, letting her tears nourish him and wash him as they fell upon him and his fright. He wondered through the green leaved hairs coating her flesh and learned to weave extravagent fish trap nets. Soon she grew to love this man, and even lended him a helping hand. But that man in the sky had other plans, and one day there came the woman. Competition, risk, danger for her boy, with this woman she soon began to toy. Every day she saved her boy from the stranger until they were evicted because they both became a danger. A danger to him. That man she once loved. Alone again, she ponders why things must end.

The End.

Final Coup

Burning buildings condemning souls, their smoky tendrils choking girls. Rubble stumbling to the ground, falling carelessly with a shrieking sound. Hateful and careless this world tumbles down, falling, falling, upside down. Raining birds from the sky, their feathered bodies impacting from up high. Feathers spread around their forms, trail of sorrow leading to unknown. Fish float upon the surf, limp and rank they had enough. Bobbing up and sinking low, floating wherever the tide may go. Eyes glazed over, flesh molested, scavanged by some hungry foe. Trees wilt and flowers die faster, Spring brings hope then flees to maniacal laughter. In this man eat man world we often wonder, who will be the survivor and who will be the victor when we live lives where we are all the man-eater. Soil refuses water and seed, dried and decaying from man’s greed. Soon this world shall become a husk, nothing worth salvaging, not even its rust. Footsteps trod over barren lands, wasted away in humanity’s hands. Water evaporates never to return, leaving our fleshy corpses to stand and burn. Destroyed by one we “loved”, given so easily we drank so hungrily. We took too much like a leech’s first touch, now we lie neath turmoil and gander at the fate our choices have rendered. Drop to your knees, hide from the truth, now is the time to finally see, the earth has won its final coup.

Inner Voices

What you feel inside is indescribable. No one can touch it, no one can see it, but still it resides. The feelings boiling within nearly palpable. They scream and shout at you throughout all the lies. They know what is true and what is good for you. Listen closely. Sit quietly in the dark. Let those instincts speak to you. Sometimes they tire of shouting and waving their arms at you like the fool that you are, so they silence their lips and sit back to watch you earn another scar. Listen before it is too late and even your most inner self forfeits the fight for happiness. Listen and accept nothing less. The voices within are the path to true happiness. Sometimes they will argue with a goal you set, sometimes they will emerge contrary to an ideal you set, but do not forget, they know what’s best and will accept nothing less.


Phones ringing off the hooks, imaginary creatures drinking from the brook. Paper flowers gathered everywhere, this world muddied and unclear. Hearts change shape and minds telepathize, lips speak truth and eyes tell lies. What future does a soul have here? What kind of life can one truly bear?

Dear Agony

Dear Agony, it’s time to set me free by letting me be. You have been a life-long companion and we know each other too well, you make my legs tremble and heart swell, blood rushes around and water leaks from my tired eyes. I know you tell me no lies, but it’s all I can do to survive. Agony, let me be. I need to be free. I wish you could see…You don’t belong to me.

Don’t Forget

Move on, leave me behind chewing on the grainy texture of your dust. Yes, that’s it, hit me where it hurts. I want to feel your heel stab into my gut. Don’t forget to strut as you walk away from my crumpled form in the dirt. I know you said we’re over, I know I said we’re through, but every now and then I can’t help but think of you. How could you forget something we held for so long, how can you forget a love so strong? So hit me where it hurts baby, yeah don’t hold back, come on by and take another whack. Smack me around then stomp me in the ground. I’ll lie real still and won’t make a sound. No matter how hard you punch, now matter how loud you yell, I know you can’t forget the one who tore you down straight to Hell. So don’t forget to strut right past on your way to lovers new, but you won’t forget your last.

Never Fear, Forensics is Here

Heart beat pounding, pulse resounding, minds recounting, horrors unknown, horrors untold, human hands have butchered our very sanity. Blood splatter speckling the walls of our minds, puncture wounds allowing blood to pulse and ebb seeping from our veins like poison from a snake. Another killer, another murder, another morning like every other. Here come the screams, here come the tears, here come the nightmarish fears. How could monsters escape my dreams and become one with this twisted reality? No one warns you about them at the academy. Monsters without fangs or bat shaped fiends, villains not cloaked in cape or fur. No these enemies don skin and clothes same as you and me. They even walk these streets unrestrained and free. We must stop them, end their plight of endless fright. Protect the innocent and save the lost, sometimes I wonder at what cost. I am an angel of the night, with gleaming sword shining bright, I run to you through my fright, and bring you home with my pin sharp sight. Every blood speck, every shred of cloth, every follicle of hair, every cell and every step, I take it in. I will find the answers and to this night bring an end. Your fear will cease, your life will carry on, I will solve this case and bring you home. Never fear, forensics is here.