Love remains.

Death appears final and grim,

Taking from us light and joy,

Asking us why we still grin,

Our emotions a simple toy.


Angels sing in winged choirs,

Spirits walk earthen planes,

Hope takes us forever higher,

Faith rescuing the sane.


Hearts capture love,

Holding it ever after,

Knees fall to ask the above,

Why love often ends in disaster.


As long as love remains inside,

This soul contains hope for life,

Straying from all those who lied,

Loving you throughout strife.


You never left me-

Your love remains here.

Your soul may be free-

But your love remains here.


With me.



Life progresses.

Petals wilt,

Leaves fall,

Rain drops,

Tears cascade,

Bones break,

Hearts shatter,

Souls wither.


People die.